Website content management Manage and update website content, keeping the design fresh

Emails account managementAssign employee accounts, flexible serving between manager and employer

E-commerce developmentBuilt an online shop with a payment gateway and database management system to manage incoming orders and stock

Website Content Management Built an online store with responsive pages that are updated regularly and ensured website function and stability across devices

FunctionalityEnsuring website function and stability across devices i.e. desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Customer Management Built customer account and log-in pages on the website and automated event invitations and RSVPs via email into the database.

Development Modified the website pages to fit responsive devices (Mobile/Tablet).

Management Determined the best plug-ins to provide new features

TroubleshootingMaintained the website by checking for errors/broken links and troubleshooting

Website FunctionalityBuilt a responsive, user-friendly interface across devices with clear navigation and conducted website testing and troubleshooting

Content management Integrated client CMS programs and data feeds

Design Used tools like Photoshop to edit and manipulate images creatively to match the website theme

NoPhotoZone.orgBuilt and managed and designed a media gallery(using Javascript)

IT Executive Manager Developed and implemented IT asset management policies and procedures and was responsible for ensuring IT systems operation optimally.

Data and CommunicationsDeveloped a data acquisition system (Mysql), and managed and sorted results.
provided backend support for internal and external secure communications, and secured sensitive communications and information from clients to servers through decentralised email bridges